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Dynasty website question/ Commish


Does anyone use fleaflicker for Dynasty? If so what are your thoughts on the online draft? Is it pretty easy year to year with trading draft picks and such?


Also to go with this question. I notice a lot of guys use leaguesafe.com. Is that legal in every state?


I can’t speak to Fleaflicker as it’s been like 15 years since I used it, but Leaguesafe is great. Should be legal everywhere as it’s not a betting place, just an escrow service to protect the funds to make sure it’s there when you need it.


Yeah I’m a commissioner of 2 leagues. One dynasty and one redraft but as time is starting to move of guys move and such. Thanks for input for leaguesafe. It’s always an issue year to year with at least one guy paying money on time. Or paying the guy soon after who won cause our paths don’t cross.


Really easy, just know their player values are a bit off…we’re doing a rookie draft thru Flea flicker right know and it sends you an email after each selection


We have used Fleaflicker for dynasty for a few seasons now…it has worked well. It was funky this year about trading picks (only showed 2018 draft picks), but not too big of a deal. We did our draft on a group text over about a week, which seemed to work well and offered lots of time for trades.