Dynasty Wentz and Bell

2 QB Dynasty League $200 Auction
I have Wentz for $5 and Bell for $46, what kind of trades would you accept for Wentz or Bell. Thinking about building for the future but could still make a push as a contender. But only for one more year.
We can trade Rookie picks and a Max of $25 Salary Cap.

Kinda depends on what else you have, and what happens every year you keep a player, along with how many you can keep if there is a limit. I doubt it most dynasty don’t have a limit but you never know. But, I’m willing to trade bell for how much he costs. And what else you have plays a big roll too. Almost 25% going to one player is painful. So, some more info would help with putting plans together.

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QB Wentz Winston Trubisky Foles
RB Bell Ajayi D Murray Clement Connor
WR Jeffery Green Tate Robinson Crabtree
TE Rudolph Njoku Ebron

I don’t know if you trade bell here. You would have to trade him for a cheaper RB because you are pretty good at WR. But weak at rb after bell. Ajayi could be nice, but only if Blount leaves. If you think you could trade bell for a younger cheaper RB, and get the money for someone else who is going to be let go, then do that. You could build depth at your RB for the future, and save money. But you gotta get a young cheap stud which will be hard to do. Except you will be offering the best rb in football. So if I aim for anything with bell it’s that. QB you can trade too but I like where you sit at for that.