Dynasty: Who should I Cut?

Need to cut 1 player by 8/1. I’d say my options are Dwayne Allen, Zach Zenner, or Geronimo Allison. I’m having a hard time choosing who gets the axe. Please help.

My Team:

QB: A Rodgers, R Wilson, C Wentz

RB: D Cook, M Forte, M Ingram, L Murray, P Perkins, A Peterson, J Stewart, Z Zenner

WR: J Jones, D Baldwin, A Robinson, E Sanders, P Garcon, B Miller, G Allison

TE: R Gronkowski, J Doyle, J Thomas, D Allen

Id cut zenner


Four TEs is maybe more than you need so cut Allen. Alternatively make a package trade multiple players to make room

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I like the idea proposed above of doing a two for 1 trade for a slight increase of talent towards the back end of your roster.

If that is not an option I would cut Allen,

Hes an average TE and they come around in abundance so youll always be able to find another one close to him.

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I would consider keeping Allen, cornering that Tom Brady’s tight end market might pay dividends. Gronk is bound to miss time, that’s just what he does. But I agree with the 2 for 1 trade to bring in solid rb depth. Either way your team looks very good, so whatever you do oughtta work out well for ya.

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