Dynasty: win now, what to do next? 1PPR

starting Roster: 1qb 2 rb 3 wr 1te 2flex

Qb: wentz big ben mccarron

rb: gurley, mixon, t. coleman, collins, murray, cap, mckissic, pumphrey

wr: a brown, jeffrey, baldwin, fitz, bryant, golladay, mitchell, samuel, marshall, enunwa, coleman, conley

te: burton, brate, williams, goedert

Picks: 2019 (2nd and 4th) 2020 (2-4th)

i recently made these trades.

  1. My doctson and 1.12 rookie pick for t coleman and 2.08 rookie pick

  2. My moncrief, 2019 1st, 2020 1st. and 2.08 and 2.12 rookie pick for Abrown.

What moves should i try and make from here. 1st year of a startup and im trying to win right now.

Let me know what you think

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do you guys think i need more depth?

I’d leave it alone

Am I reading correctly that you’ve traded your 2018, 2019, 2020 first round picks? You really are going all in for this year haha. Your RB depth seems pretty strong. Some really good WRs I guess my only concern is that they’re not the youngest group. How many teams are in the league?

yeah ive traded my 1sts all 3 years. i seem to be in one of the better positions to win now, so i went for it. After getting AB i have some owners who declared to be win now trying to get youth off me as they see me as too big of a threat

for example gurley for howard DT and gronk

i would let this lie for now. that team is pretty solid. first year league and you are not even to week 1. I am not sure who or what you should move at this point, but if you have some dead weight it might not hurt to try and get a pick back in the first for 1 of the next three years. I would try to land something in 2020 as it is too far for anyone to ‘know’ right now. Even if it is late, you have it as ammo for more trades or to get another vet. Old guys are still guys. #OldManStrength

AB and T Coleman were pretty baller moves.

If you are looking to make moves (I like to), this is what i would consider. Maybe look to move Murray, Golladay, Dez (if he signs) for some picks. Really any WR after Fitz on that list could be moved for anything you could get pick-wise. While I am not saying they are bad, they are lower tier names with possible buzz around them.

In the void left behind, possibly take a shot on A Geronimo (GB) to get back a sneaky WR and see about Meridith (NO) as well. Both those dudes might be un-owned and you could leverage their potential while giving up players that you will likely not be starting this year anyway. I also really like Keelan Cole (JAX WR) on tape. I loved him in SEA and was shocked they cut him. He could produce well down there. For RB maybe the rookie for LAC (forgetting his name)? Lots of potential there.

Mainly, though, you do not really have to do anything right now. If you can get picks back, they will likely be better than what you gave up position wise as this team looks pretty tight. I hope this helps!

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yes it does help! its martavis bryant not dez but i get what youre saying. The rookie on LAC i think youre talking about is jackson.

If i can get a deal involving gurley…like a STAR rb (DJ LEV ZEKE KAMARA) with some other pieces should i consider?

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I would consider it. I think all those players, including the one you would be trading, are splitting hairs for the most part. It would be the surrounding pieces that would tip it for me. In PPR obviously there is immediate upside to DJ / Lev / Kamara, but none of them are bad choices. Those would be the 3 I would target. If you got them plus a couple early picks a year or two out, that would be tempting. Especially given the moves you have already made. Your roster at least stays strong and you open up some future potential in draft / trade.

I think all 3 of them have questions moving forward, and strangely Zeke and Gurley have the most stable futures in my mind from a team PoV. But hard to pass up the PPR bonus those three should give.

I was not sure on Jackson’s first name (Justin?) and there are so many I went broad to make sure you knew who I was referencing :slight_smile:

Are you able to just add/drop in this league? If so, I personally think some of those names I mentioned might add to your bench depth and most folks are not paying attention to them. If they hit, awesome! If not, they are bench depth.

hahah im on the same page. I agree Gurley is very safe for years to come. Also we had a 27 round start up draft so all of those guys you mentioned have a home right now , the waiver wire is very very thin as it stands.

We also just had our 4 round rookie draft so thats also thin.

Appreciate the input bro!


whoa! 27 rounds! is that idp as well or just the normal offensive players? how many teams? I am thinking of starting a new dynasty league (thinking :wink: ) and wondering about teams/bench/IPD.

27 roster 3 taxi squad. starting roster is 1qb2rb3wr1te 2 flex no defense or kicker. No idp

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nice! i like that it rewards people for drafting / waiver prowess. must make line up decisions tough, but another good challenge to the game.

pretty sure most dynasty leagues are 25+ rosters

the one I am in is only 20 with a 2 person taxi, but you cannot swap that taxi. In other words, once they hit your ‘active’ roster you must cut a player (or trade or whatever). we also have contract caps which makes it even more complicated, and a credit system where every player (not in a trade) coming to your roster in any fashion costs a minimum of 2 credits. it makes moves hard to manage in season as you need to trade players with contracts that work for both parties, else one is over limit and gets penalized.

I wish we had the extra space for more folks. it is like musical chairs sometimes when i make the final roster cuts for the season.

If i were you i would try to make a move for one of the bigger TEs Kelce,Ertz,Gronk those guys when healthy will give you a big advantage. Burton and Brate both have big question marks imo, Burton has potential but he was in an offense that used its TE alot and we havent seen him as a full season starter Brate is likely on the way out he had a big year last year but the last few weeks he was losing more and more to OJ who you know the bucs will be trying to get more involved with the 1st round capital invested in him. If you cant get one of those 3 then Engram or Rudolph would be the next guys I go after. Engram showed huge potential last year even when he was the only option the way i see it the O-line upgrades and OBJ back taking pressure off him and Eli will only help. Rudolph has been a solid TE for a while but he has always been TD dependent Cousins has a decent shot to change that there are alot of mouths to feed in Min but he has been shown to use his TEs in Washington.

Ps. I Dont think I would trade gurley personally unless your getting a RB1 you like more and i actually see your Rbs as kinda thin. With 2 RBs and 2 Flex your most likely going to want to play 4 RBs if possible. Gurley Mixon Collins are good starts but from there its pretty weak coleman is the Rb2 granted he still normally finishes around the RB2 range but that could change if freeman plays a full season. so your looking at 3 “Starts” most weeks if one of those guys goes down your season could take a serious hit.

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yeah i agree with most of what you said man. ill shop around for some of those tight ends and see if i can get something favorable

so i hit up the owner of rudolph and sent him an offer but he countered with this trade

his fournette meredith yeldon and rawls for

my mixon t. coleman and golladay

i dont like losing either mixon or coleman bc of their potential but fournette man