Dynasty Winston 1st Rounder

Going into a 2 QB dynasty rebuild this year currently have Stanford and Winston. I have someone very interested in Winston. Would you trade him for a 2022 1st round draft pick? I’m currently sitting on 3 of them. I would need to target QBs, draft class doesn’t look as great as this year but there are some potential picks.

I think I know the answer but like always I am probably over analyzing everything.

In a rebuild I’d take a first round pick for a qb that might not last that long as a starter. Even in 2 qb although it definitely will be difficult to watch this season.

I personally don’t tend to concern myself with need in rebuild too much. I just want to accumulate assets.

If you haven’t already pulled the trigger on that trade, then i agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird . Who knows how long Winston could remain a starter, for all we know he might not even last the whole year. Getting that first round pick coupled alongside tanking this year for a top 3 pick will allow you to target a rookie QB in the 2022 draft (assuming a top prospect emerges, i imagine a team like Houston or Washington could be looking for a QB).