Dynasty WR Rookies, This or That

For my upcoming draft, my needs are WR and I’m thinking to go with a rookie. I only have Cooks rostered at the moment. Was considering DJ Moore OR Calvin Ridley…Thoughts?

My rookie WR rankings are as follows: Moore, Ridley, Miller, Gallup, Kirk, Washington.

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It seems there are A LOT of slot guys in this year’s crop of WR’s. Gallup, Ridley and Sutton are some of the only outside guys that have real potential this year with ESB being a late round dart throw. I agree with Baracuda’s rankings but I’m not really psyched about any of them being a WR2 this year. Last year was a down year for WR and it seems like we’re back to the 2-3 year rule we had for WR development. From what I have heard, next year’s crop of WR’s is the best since 2014 and could yield you some great assets. Maybe consider trading some of your picks into next year’s draft or trading your pick for a WR due to break out or one who may have bounce back potential?

I think over the next few years ‘slot receiver’ is going to stop being a dirty word in fantasy (that’s already started, but it still has a ways to go) and also start being recognized as where real football games are largely won and lost.

I agree that next year’s group may offer more upside at the top and as a whole, but the top end of this class i think gets a bad rap. Moore, Ridley, Miller and Gallup are all really good, polished players with plenty of upside in their own rights.

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DFWB- I agree completely. I don’t necessarily think it’s a dirty word, just less likely to be an every week WR2. I’ve had Shepard and Crowder since they were rookies and while I’m not at all disappointed, I’m always waiting for the leap. I just feel that next year may offer more stud WR potential, but yes, the players you mentioned are all more than worth drafting. I love Kirk too. Targeting him in best ball big time.

Eh, I don’t think there are many every week WR2 (or WR1) guys out there. The consistently rankings back that up. That isn’t really the distinction I was getting at. What I mean was that ‘slot receiver’ has been considered synonymous with low upside. I don’t think that is as true anymore and I think it’s going to continue trending that direction over the next few years.

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