Dynasty year 1, full ppr trade

He’d be sending me Melvin Gordon and T.Y. Hilton, plus Ekeler and Jackson as handcuffs, and I’d be sending JuJu, Tevin Coleman, a 2020 2nd, and Kalen Ballage (he owns Drake already), and Artis-Payne.
On one hand I feel like it might be a homerun, but I’m hesitant.

If you’re planning for the future at all I would rather have your current players (JuJu is 22. T.Y. Hilton is 29, Coleman is same age as MG3 with about half the career carriess)

However if you wanted to make a push for winning the title this season I wouldn’t argue against making this trade as you improve this year. You’d improve your team unless Coleman becomes the starting 49ers RB. At this point in the season I think the likelihood of that happening is very slim considering how well Breida was playing last year and the presence of Jerick McKinnon.

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Yeah I’m not high on Coleman, and own Breida. I’m really not attached at all. Basically for me this is JuJu and a 2nd for MG and T.Y. As is I dont even have Coleman in a flex spot. But yeah JuJu being so young and potentially having so much production for years to come is holding me up.

I would take that trade 10 ways to sunday. Gordon is a stud and has another 2 years or so left of elite production. Hilton also has another couple of great years left. JuJu is great but not a huge fan of Coleman.

I would try and drop Ekeler and Jackson from that trade and drop the 2020 2nd from your side. Jackson is just horrible and Ekeler isn’t a true handcuff. He’s a satellite back.

Gordon’s injury history bothers me a little, hence the handcuffs. I liked Jackson last year, though he didn’t play a ton. I’ve got 2 2nd rounders…maybe I’ll try and change it to 3rd. Might drop Eck and either the 2nd or Ballage. I bet hed rather Ballage sinve hes running with Drake.

Gordon’s injury history concerns are a bit blown out of proportion. He’s actually been pretty steady and hasn’t missed many games in his career. Even if he goes down though, Jackson and Ekeler aren’t the guys to replace him. With the incoming class, I’d rather have that 2nd round pick. The talent is pretty deep so you’re going to be able to get a tonne of talent in the 2nd round.

Ballage is absolute trash and also isn’t a true handcuff. If Drake were to go down, they’d just sign a vet and even if he doesn’t they’ll just draft one next season. If you can get any value for ballage over the hype, I’d do it now. Trust me when I say that he is not an NFL caliber RB. Dude is just big and fast, that’s it. No vision, no cutting ability, can’t break tackles if his life depended on it. He’s just a trodder. Try and keep your picks and dump him off it you can.

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Thanks for the insight man. I’ll see what I can make happen haha.