Dynatsy Teams with Raheem Mostert

Here is some completely unsolicited advice.

Sell him! Sell him now!!

Mostert will be 28 yo to start the 2020 season. Kyle Shanahan has proven that he can make any running back in his system valuable. There will likely be no main guy, no workhouse back for the foreseeable future. No guy who gets 15 touches or a TD every game - on a consistent bassis.

This post was inspired by a recent tweet from FantasyPros. I realize FantasyPros have to put out content. Further, they use the word “IF” in their proposition but every response to this tweet makes me recognize some people are legitimately expecting him to be a lead back next year.

What did/would you trade to get Mostert? What are you trading him away for? Is anyone keeping him despite my unsolicited advice?

My first concern is how much the 2020 RB rookies will reduce the value of all except most elite RBs value. I think there’s going to be enough good talent coming out to pull down value of all non-elite vet RBs.

But even putting that aside, I agree that the risk of him getting enough touches should reduce his value.

So factoring both issues highest I’d give is a mid-second rounder. But highly doubtful the owner would even consider that.

Yeah, but the thing is, everyone already feels this way, which makes his selling price very low. I know it only takes one interested person, but I’m getting 0 bites outside of late 3rd round picks. At that price, it’s worth holding onto him for me. Injuries happen and he could get the same work he got during the playoffs just as easily as he could get relegated to a RBBC.