E. Elliot suspension

Need some advice on who to pick up since Elliot’s suspension seems to be holding up this round.

E. Elliot was my only strong WR. Who should I pick up now

I’m in the same boat. Stream the best option. I’m looking at Breatia from SF

Any thoughts on Elliot’s second strings?

They are garbage imo. Dak is going to throw it. Dez is going to get extra targets. If you have the room you could pick up Morris and MCFADDEN but I think there’s better pickups around the league.

I just picked up Darkwa from the Giants. Luckily someone dropped him on Friday and he was on a bye and I had a player on a bye that I was going to drop so I was able to pick him up right now. Didn’t have to wait until Wednesday.

How the backups garbage? McFadden was a top 10 fantasy back two years ago. Pick up the backups im betting on mcfadden and sure they won’t replace elliot but they will.still give you value.

Don’t be surprised if MCFADDEN only gives you 5 points…

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