E Engram Waive pick

I have the #1 waiver pick and somebody just dropped E Engram. Should I use it to pick him up or wait and use it on somebody else later on? If so, should I drop T Burton or Kittle?

Ehh, I don’t think he has shown much to go away from Kittle and Burton

I have engram on my team and he is a stud. When healthy he is a top 8 TE easily, arguably Top 6. I think if you were willing to drop kittle or burton, snag him for sure. I am concerned about Kittle obviously with CJ bethard coming in. Might not be a bad decision to swap Kittle for Engram. Burton also is TD or bust, so you could drop him for engram! I personally would drop Burton just because Kittle is utilized so much regardless of the Qb!

Yeah if you can stash Engram absolutely do it. At the very worst he’ll be trade bait once he’s healthy again in a few weeks. If you need other things, then don’t waste your spot getting him though, since you have Burton and Kittle already. TE’s get more valuable as the season goes on – do you have to drop Burton or Kittle as opposed to someone else? You could put one or the other in a trade right now and get something decent out of it I bet.

I waited it out and nobody picked him up so I just dropped my kicker and scooped him up. Saved that waiver pick haha. Now I can trade away one of my other TEs