E. Sanders Dynasty Value?

Looking for opinions on Emmanuel Sanders’ value in a HPPR startup dynasty draft.

We’re getting into the mid-teen rounds (of 25) and Sanders is hanging out there. I know reports are mixed on when he’ll back and the achilles injury on an older player could mean he doesn’t return to close to form (if at all for fantasy purposes), but it’s hard to overlook his potential.

Some examples…

I would take Sanders after:
DeVante Parker, Zay Jones, Miles Boykin…

I would take Sander before:
Donte Moncreif, Randall Cobb, Marquise Lee, Rashard Higgins…


DeVante Parker. Lmao. Can you name a fantasy player that gives you more sell high opportunities than Parker? I can’t. Every year after the season ends and before the season starts, there’s always people who hype him up based on no pads training camp highlights. Wonder why he offers no sell high opportunities once the season starts. There’s a reason why he sucks. He is unable to beat press coverage against even average NFL level cornerbacks. That’s why he looks goods with no pads on but sucks as soon as everyone puts them on in the game.

I will own zero shares of parker unless he falls to like 20th round or later. Recommend you do the same. Give me sanders over parker all day. Give me sanders over Zay jones and Boykin as well although I do like Zay Jones this year.


While in a startup draft, in late rounds, I’m taking Parker over Sanders. This is not an endorsement of Parker. I’m also not suggesting reaching for Parker. It’s simply preferring one player over another.

One player is 26, healthy now, has plenty of opportunity, despite lacking consistent talent.

The other is 32, recovering from an Achilles tear, opportunity is in question (based on QB and other targets) but has proven talent.

You said it yourself…

Every year after the season ends and before the season starts, there’s always people who hype him up based on no pads training camp highlights.

Next off-season I could see flipping Parker for something, maybe even a 3rd or a 4th. Sanders could be worthless.

I will say that this is a standard move for me. I am far more concerned with value, perceived value and opportunity than rostering a player I like. But def not the only way to do it. @MikeMeUpp thoughts/feelings are totally valid.


That’s a fine approach. A lot more risk involved though cause I think there’s also a very strong chance that he can’t be flipped after this season. If he tanks another season, people might finally see the light but who knows…

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@MikeMeUpp Out of curiosity, are you risk adverse in the late rounds of a draft? Say 20-25 in a startup?

A bit of a deviation from the OP but could be of assistance to @sspalding as they enter those rounds.

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I am very high beta after the first 3 rounds of a draft. I like to trade out of the 4th-5th entirely for the most part and throw more darts in 6th-10th rounds. I am in the middle of a draft right now and I traded out of 4th round entirely, acquired multiple picks in 5th. Then traded out of the 5th and i have like 6 picks in rounds 6-8 now.

In those late rounds, I’m swinging for the fences but I still balance with guys that have a decent shot of making a roster. I.e. i value draft capital and don’t just take a bunch of shots on UDFAs.

EDIT: @fun4willis I will say though, I don’t see parker going that late. ANd for where he is going, the reward (little to none in my eyes) is not worth the reward. I’ve consistently seen parker get shut down by average to below average NFL corners. Against elite corners, he doesn’t even have a shot.


Parker went in the 18th in my startup. He’s being undervalued, through his value isn’t super high to begin with, and he is not nearly as risky as Sanders. I don’t trust achilles injuries.

I dont like achilles injuries either but for WRs, it’s not as bad as for RBs. Especially when your a vet like sanders. And I’d rather bet on sanders experience and flaccos reliance on him as a vet than parker who like I said, based on the film can’t beat average CBs in the league when he’s healthy. And that isn’t even taking into account the fact that he has yet to play a full season since joining the league. I’d say sanders is less risky than parker. In the 18th round though, I think its fine for parker. I’ve been seeing people take him in the 14th-16th. Which is way too early for me.

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Parker went 13.8 in my 12 tm HPPR dynasty startup. Suffice it to say I passed, which is a strong statement because I’m a big Parker fan (we overlapped at UofL, so I watched him in person).

I hope he can bounce back.

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Yeah that’s where I see ADP for parker. Typically in the 13-15 rounds. And there are just other players I’d rather have there.

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