E Sanders....trust him this week...first week back?

The Ballers say he’s expected back. I hadn’t heard that yet. But even with top players…coming back off major injury always worries me. Y’all think he’ll be in decent form?? Enough to trust to produce decent points??

I’m more worried about Osweiller than the injury. Who else to you have if you were to bench him?

He’s actually still on my bench. Just heard the news. Also have Thielen on BYE. My other WR’s are R Anderson (locked in since played last night), and Agholor. Had Garcon, but dropped him last night and picked up Kupp.

And actually I was thinking the same about OS, but the Ballers all said they’d still start Sanders and Thomas. Was just looking for some second opinions.

Just bumping to bring it back up where some might see it!!!