Eagle Backfield

So everyone is scrambling to get Clement or Smallwood; how valuable is Sproles right now?

Hes on my waivers, and I have the space to stash him on my bench… is the backfield his once he comes back, or should I join the frenzy and try to get the other two?

Rumors flying around all day about a Mccoy reunion or a Lev Bell trade here. Loks to us as one of the two will happen at some point

I’m not convinced bell gets traded…assuming he doesn’t, is Sproles the RB to own ROS for eagles?

The Eagles are getting someone at least short term, or trying to. I can’t see the timing of them freeing up the space in Cox’s contract if they weren’t. Them saying they aren’t is just so they can maintain some amount of leverage.

Going for Bell would be a bit risky but there is a way they could work things out with the transition tag at the end of this year and they could additionally compensate Bell beyond his franchise tag this year if they wish too.

They now have room to do it. They have two 2nd round picks next year and their GM was the guy that sent a 4th for a lesser back in Ajayi mid season. I am not saying it happens but they are clearly putting all of the pieces in place just in case.

I wouldn’t be shocked if they have asked about David Johnson as well as McCoy/Bell.

This week I like Smallwood better with Clement coming off of the injury on a short week.

It could be interesting if that happens; shady’s value would shoot up lol… But until anything like that happens, I can’t do anything for fantasy.

I have to assume for fantasy though that as of right now there’s only clement, Smallwood, and sproles going forward as that’s all the info we have.

I am wondering if Sproles gets the job once he’s back from injury.

Sproles should have his normal 3rd down role back as he is the veteran guy. If it’s PPR I wouldn’t mind flexing him depending on the match up.

That’s fair… so Clement should be the guy then

All three will get use. I like Smallwood this week, Clements more ROS until something else happens.

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Would you guys use Smallwood or Clement over Morris this week?