Eagles D still playable?

I planned to use Eagles D for my play-off matches (8-man league). Should I try to seek other options in the wake of Wentz’s injury? Or is Foles capable enough that I shouldn’t worry too much about him giving the opposition offence good field position?

For reference they play Giants and Raiders in the next 2 weeks - match-ups which are pretty much must-starts against for D/ST, right?

The Eagles D will be fine to play this week no doubt, however something to consider coming from a lifelong eagles fan… if we win this week and the Vikings lose we will have clinched the #1 overall seed and won’t have much to play for in the remaining 2 weeks of the regular season. Just keep that in mind for the fantasy championship (usually week 16)

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good point. I also was plannign to play Eagles for the playoffs. But also picked up Chi and Den to keep from other teams becasue of their good matchups. I am pretty sure I could drop Den and maybe find another Def worth stashing for championship week

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