Eagles DST or Jets DST?! Help!

Are the jets for real and will they tear the Fins apart, or should I stick with old reliable in Philly?

I would play Eagles

I am a Jets fan, I usually don’t recommend Jets players for many reasons, but Miami has a worse offense than Tampa right now. Maybe the New Orleans game was a fluke, but I would take my chances with the Jets at home against Miami. The team is going to be jacked up for Darnold’s first home game, the fans will insane in the stands. Miami will have a rough game.

Good luck this week, neither D/ST is a bad play. Just keep in mind how important this game is for the Jets and the fanbase. That will absolutely effect how the team plays.


i agree with nfalcon, i lean jets, but as a jets fan when we are this excited it almost guarantees a let down. if giants d is available then i would get them, i think dallas’ offense is terrible right now. but any of the 3, i just definitely would not drop the eagles d.

Objectively speaking, the Eagle D is better but on the road with Nick Foles starting - I’m worried he puts them in some tough spots. In a vacuum I would prefer the Jets, but I wouldn’t drop anyone you really like from your bench in order to pick them up.

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thanks, that’s actually pretty good insight. sounds like there is a lot on the line for the Jets, so they will be flying around and on fire. Miami is aweful.

Play the Eagles because their defense is actually good. They should get lots of pressure and hopefully sacks and turnovers

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