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Eagles DST vs Patriots DST


Both are available on my waiver… Which would you pick up for this week?


Patriots hands down. Who knows whats going to show up in Jax this week. We KNOW what Buffalo is going to do …:poop:


Whould you still pay the Pats DST over the Ravens even doe they are projected the same?


Never read into the projections to much IMO. I’d play the Pats over pretty much any D this week. They are playing the Anderson led Bills… if they shut them out, get 3-4 sacks and force 1-2 turnovers i wouldn’t be at all surprised. Could get a defensive score as well if they force the Bills to chase the game and take risks


Yea no i believe that they will do just fine… my question is mostly on the ravens, they did okay agaidng a very good NO offense and now they play cam who will throw an INT of two


That’s very true and i’m sure they’ll do fine but Cam has a knack for finding a way to score and if i had the choice i would play the Pats over my Ravens D this week in my main league 100% of time.

Cam is vastly superior to Anderson and has more weapons and is at home. Pats on the road against a team like the Bills is nothing to be feared, i’d start them with confidence over any DST this week


Ravens against the Panthers? I think I would rather take the potential of the Patriots. But if you had to drop the Ravens or another valuable piece, I would say stick with Ravens.



Eagles get torched the secondary…and I’m an Eagles fan. I have Patriots everywhere.