Eagles running backs

Why do you think that the eagles are going to go with a work horse rb this year when they have not done so in the past

Miles Sanders is really good at football. All the other RBs there are either just ok at football, or have one foot in the grave.

Yeah but they were pretty successful with mediocre running backs. You don’t think they will try to protect/preserve their rookie rb.

I think in dynasty Miles Sanders is the guy to have. In redraft I would rather have Sanders as well, but I don’t think anyone is going to be a true workhorse back. Peterson just doesn’t have a history for riding one guy, at least not since being in Philly. So that being said I still like Howard as a sleeper, but I don’t have any interest in rostering both guys & having to decide who to start. If I miss out on Sanders in the 5th/6th I’m fine taking Howard in the 9th.

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In a recent episode of the GM Shuffle with Michael Lombardi, he spoke about the benefits of keeping the same personnel on the field (I can try to find the episode if you’re interested).

I’m paraphrasing but when players are multidimensional they can remain on the field and not give away the play (pass or run) to the defense. If a running back can run it up the middle, pass protect and split out for a reception they can potentially stay on for all 3 downs (should be 4 now, looking at you Doug Peterson!).

Warren Sharp also speaks to when run plays and pass plays are most effective.

This is an example, there are likely many…

So to relate this back to the Eagles back field. If Sanders can catch balls on the 1st down and run on downs 2-3 and catch again on the 4th - he’s more likely to stay on the field. Remaining on the field or percentage of snaps is what makes a running back a bell cow. Arguably the Eagles have not had a player that could run/catch as well as Sanders since LeSean McCoy.

In summary, Sanders being a bell cow is not a forgone conclusion. But he’s the most likely player to be a bell cow for the Eagles since 2014.