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Early Draft, Early Trade, Why Not?


I really want to do this trade… I’ll list my team since that’s the reason why I think it makes sense. I’ve had 3 margaritas and 2 tacos so far…

Doug Baldwin WR - Keeper
DeMarco Murray RB
Dez Bryant WR
Marshawn Lynch RB
Terrelle Pryor Sr. WR
Larry Fitzgerald WR
Danny Woodhead RB
Stefon Diggs WR
Tyler Eifert TE
C.J. Anderson RB
Kenny Britt WR
Jonathan Stewart RB
Russell Wilson QB
Jordan Matthews WR

So the trade is CJ Anderson and Fitz for Doug Martin and Zay Jones. This is 3 WR 2 RB and 1 Flex. 1/2 point ppr

No? Yes? Idiot for posting?


Holy cow don’t do that. That’s such an awful trade on your behalf. You’re receiving a RB who will probably generate the same fantasy point output as CJA this season, while giving up a top 15 WR in Fitz. That’s just crazy if you ask me. Fitz is the most valuable asset in that entire trade IMO. There’s no way I’d trade him given the fairly safe floor he’s going to provide your starting lineup. You should be getting McCaffrey, Cook, even Fournette for what you’re giving up.


Thanks @Ollivander, I know it’s lopsided. Did you look at my team and not just judge from the trade straight up? I totally agree with what you’re saying. I’m looking at Martin taking off but if you don’t feel the same, then it’s the dumbest trade since this 4th margarita in front of me.


I did take your team into account. My issue is that even if you expect a big season out of Martin, you’re still vastly overpaying by giving up Fitzgerald in the process. If you asked me who I’d want as my flex between Martin, CJA, Woodhead, and Fitz I’d choose Fitz every time and it wouldn’t even be close. Especially in a half PPR league.

If you want Martin and are down on CJA, then give up CJA and Diggs. If you’re willing to give up CJA and Fitz for an upgrade at RB, it should be a RB that’s much, much better than Doug Martin and that’s going to be playing for the first three weeks. If McCaffrey, Cook, Gurley, Fournette, Crowell, or Miller isn’t part of that trade then you’re being taken for a ride. I’d even go as far as to say Zeke given he’s going to miss the first 7 weeks.

Your team is very good, and you’re probably in a position where you can cut deals where you give up more than you’re receiving. However, I do not think you need to be giving up the best player involved in the trade in this instance because you’re looking to upgrade your starting lineup, not your depth. You don’t accomplish that by trading away Fitz.