Early Draft Results

One of my leagues always drafts shortly after preseason begins. We drafted yesterday and I wanted peoples thoughts for fun I drafted from 8.

10 team full ppr base espn sadly. Got out voted for a sleeper transfer.

First 4 picks for myself were Taylor, Jones, Terry, dobbins.

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RBs and WRs are solid with depth behind starters.

TE needs an upgrade or add another TE for stream.

QB is probably your most iffy/weakest position, imho. I personally think Hurts will only be fantasy relevant because of his legs. I do not think he is a particuarly strong passer at all. A very, very cheap version of Lamar (without Lamar’s passing ability).

Just remember, these are my personal opinions about your team.

I like the line up!
Agree with previous poster. I think week 1 you want to work that waiver wire for QB long term and streaming TEs. I’m sure with 10 teams there are some options for QB out there.

I agree with both of you actually. Round 5 and 6 there was a large push at TE and QB from the first 6 players in front of me and I just couldn’t sell myself to jump on the wave instead I drafted jeudy and Etienne. Than just knew I’d end up streaming TE QB and settled in with depth.