Early drafts no QB DEf or K

I just drafted for my 10 man half ppr and i just never picked a kicker defense or qb i was thinking i can just get one before season starts cause i have a lot of fliers i wanna see what happens in trading camp. does anyone else do this and has it helped or hurt them.

Every time. Never hurts. Stream away my friend

Def done this with DEF and Kicker. Never tried with QB. How many QBs were drafted?

I missed the qb part. I would still snag a qb with my last pick just to be safe. But you could punt for sure. I would rather secure a qb than a te if you are going to go that route

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If you’re drafting this early, I can see where it makes sense. Who did you get for TE? I feel like that’s one position I want to have someone in the top one or two tiers as there may be a big drop off if you don’t get one of those studs. I’ll bet with patience you’ll end up with a top 5 D/ST, kicker or maybe QB.