Early jump on Keeper decision

Hey guys, just wondering what peoples opinions are on who to keep for the upcoming 2020 season. Standard scoring, 3 man keeper with no price. My choices are Nick Chubb (Pretty sure this is a no brainer) Chris Godwin, Kenny Golladay and Lev Bell. Mind says Bells the odd man out, but my gut says hes in for a bounce back season, and if I don’t keep him where do you think he lands ADP wise. Thanks in advance everyone.

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Chubb, Golladay, and Godwin, for sure. Bell could bounce back, but his head coach doesn’t even want him… If Bell gets traded, then that’s a different story… but Gase might actually draft another RB going into this season. Bell’s production would get Baxtered off a bridge if that happens.

RN your initial thoughts are good.


Just as you laid out in your initial thoughts. no need to overthink this one.

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