Early Keeper Question-

Hey FootClan! Long time no speak!
Hope everyone has been staying safe- hopefully 2021 is going well for everyone.

Keeper question here and of course I value everyone’s opinion here. Keep 2 players, no penalty, 14 person standard league.

Derrick Henry
AJ Brown
Antonio Gibson
David Montgomery
Russel Wilson (at one point I thought about keeping him but no way)

This league starts 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB.

I’d love to keep Antonio Gibson and Henry but I’m leaning AJ Brown and Henry.
What do you guys think?

Since it’s standard with no penalty I’d keep Henry and Gibson. Two solid RBs to start you off, I’m sure you can find value at WR without giving up RB’s. This all depends on how much you believe in Gibson though. I’m a fan and believe his ceiling is up there once he’s unleashed in the passing game as well as the rushing.

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I couldn’t agree more with @jaguileraroh! I love all three in Henry, Gibson, and Brown! But there are only so many quality starting RBs in the league. Since it’s a standard redraft league you can probably get a decent WR early. But there’s so much depth at WR that starting with with 2 really good RB options will set your team up nicely.

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Thank you so much for replying. That’s really what I want to do. I have a feeling that Gibson could end as a top 10 RB next year.

I think my deciding factor might end up being schedule. Since I came in 2nd this year I have the 13th pick this upcoming draft. This is my 2nd year playing in a keeper league and that draft when most of those picks are gone is a mind bender. We’ll see though…I struggled so hard at WR last year.

I agree that Henry and Gibson is what I would do.

I think the only reason to consider Brown instead of Gibson (and I would also be leery of stacking your top two players as a RB and WR from the same team), then I would go look at every other team in your league and try to predict who their keepers will be, that will help give you an idea as to what players will be available in the first round of your draft.

If you know your league’s draft order, then you can also mock out the first round of the draft to figure out who you are likely to draft with your first round pick. Do a few versions of those projections and you will have a good idea as to what keepers seem to work best.

So maybe you find that your options for your two keepers and first round pick are:

Henry, Gibson, Terry McLaurin
Henry, Brown, Aaron Jones

So maybe if you end up with projections like that it is worth keeping Brown over Gibson

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