Early Keeper Thoughts Michel vs Guice

I know it’s early but in my 1ppr Keeper League I am looking at the option of keeping Sony Michel in the 7th or Derrius Guice in the 10th.

I’m curious what the early thoughts are. I get scared of the New England running back situation with Belichick and the lack of receptions for Michel but he has looked pretty amazing when he gets the opportunity.

I was super high on Guice last year before the injury but a little concerned with the QB situation in Washington and the potential for stacking the box against Guice.

Thats a tough one. Guice has so much potential, but we still dont know what his output will look like. You never know until a year goes by. Even then things can change year to year that effects their value (see nick chubb). My problem is the same as yours, michel did very well all things considered, and i was someone that was very much agaisnt any higher round drafting of him because its an RB in NE. Even still, his output was fantastic when he was on the field. Here is my problem. 200 rushes, almost 1000 yards 6 TDs. Thats great. 7 receptions. Ouch. I dont know if i would keep him for a 7th for that one reason. Guice in the 10th has more allure, but less stability in it because you really dont know how he will be used or how effective he will be. But, he is 3 rounds cheaper. Its hard to get a guy who could be a workhorse that late. Youre putting so little draft value into him that it doesnt matter really if he fails. I mean it does but not to the extreme. And i think guice could be used just as much as michel and hopefully be as effective (4.5 YPC) which makes guice my pick right now. Obviously if things change like the skins draft an RB high, or if they dont get a QB, or so many different things then my opinion will change. But right now value for value, he has a lower floor, but way higher upside for 3 rounds cheaper. Just do what youre going to do anyway and keep an eye on what both teams do. BTW michels value could drop a lot too, especially if gronk retires. He turned into a monster blocker for them and would be a big loss in the run game.