Early keeper thoughts

ESPN league, half point, Get to keep 2 of these 4 (count as my first 2 round picks)
Leaning Barkley and Hopkins but lots of changes for 3 of these players. Kamara only one returning to same situation.

For half point I think I would agree Barkley over Kamara but I might go Godwin over Hopkins. It’s a risk because we don’t know exactly how TB is going to work in TB but at least one consistent thing between Brady and Bruce Arians is that they love a slot guy.

I also prefer to have one RB and one WR if it makes sense but you couldn’t really go wrong with going Barkley and Kamara either.

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I’d go Barkley / Godwin in this case. Great four to choose from, but that is how I would go about it.

I would easily go Barkley and Kamara. Stud rbs are so hard to find. Hopkins has too many unknowns as does Godwin with brady