Early OBJ Trade

My Juju + Coleman for his OBJ

10 team league, half PPR

WR: Hopkins, Juju, R. Anderson
RB: Carson, D.Montgomery, Coleman, M.Sanders, Cohen, R. Freeman, J.Jackson

I’m pretty stacked with RB depth and want to turn some of into more at WR… is this fair?

I would be worried about OBJ’s health risk, He’s missed major time the past couple seasons. I would try and add more WR depth but doing that by not giving up any top WR you currently have, maybe look for Dede or someone like that.

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I actually like JuJu better than OBJ.

OBJ is volatile. He also misses games.

So by trading JuJu for OBJ, I don’t think you’re really shoring up your WRs. I think you need to add depth. Maybe drop one of your RBs and find one of the more promising waiver wire pickups.

I also don’t think you’re stacked at RB. You have quantity there, but you totally missed out on first and second round RB talent.

Carson is indeed the flavor of the month and David Montgomery looks really promising. But other than them, none of your RBs are even close to being locks to be bell cows. Royce may be a pleasant surprise, but that would be a significant change from his previous performances. They’re not going to eliminate Lindsay’s touches, not after last year. And by trading Coleman for no RB in return, you’re thinning this group out even more. Coleman may be playing for a team that is in serious disarray right now, but he will be “the guy” in SF.

I wouldn’t make this trade.

But I could be missing a few key points, so I’m very interested to see what others say.

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Yea I agree, stacked was the wrong term haha. More that I loaded up on RBs in the hopes that something sticks, and feel I could have enough depth to play matchups. I’m also hoping the Montgomery hype works out…

Now my plan initially was to try and trade for maybe Sony Michel to get something more stable at RB, but I don’t want to lose any WR to do this which is probably what it would take. Then I got offered OBJ so I thought instead to get 2 top tier WRs instead in Nuk and OBJ.

Do most people feel that they’d rather have Juju instead of OBJ? I feel that OBJ already has a crazy ceiling and could be even better with Mayfield. Do you feel Juju will be able to fill AB’s shoes and be a stud in Pittsburgh?

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He’s a health risk for sure, but is the reward worth it? I don’t know if Juju will be able to step up and I’m worried I’ll need big points if my RBs don’t work out since none are clear RB1s…

My thinking is that if I need to play matchups for RB, at least I’ll have 2 top tier locks as WR1 (when healthy)… too risky? Is Juju good enough not too worry?

Who would you drop from this group anyways? Some names on waivers right now are Keke, A.Miller, Gallup, Beasley…

I would rather have juju. Juju is going to get a tons of targets, has good skill. Obj isn’t guaranteed to play the whole season, is on a new team with a new QB and has other weapons around him.
It sounds like you really want obj so go with what you think is best, but personally I would stay with juju.

juju=obj paying to much unless you just want a piece of the excitement with the shiny new browns but I would try to turn it into juju and coleman for obj and derrick henry

please help me

Luck retired

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hey thanks person who believes people still live under rocks …….I would just drop luck and run with rivers its Njoku and Hopkins that I am going for, but I just don’t know exactly where to settle on how much to give would love to just do wentz, lockett and ballage but feel that might not be enough…need input on just how far I should go in my offer should I up it to t coleman, r. penny don’t want to move up to chubbs or cook