Early preseason keeper look (Lockett, Chubb, Ridley PPR)

So i feel like this is a pretty clean cut decision to go with Lockett at the 16th pick but at the same time i could see the value at Chubb at 9 or potentially Ridley at 14. Am i thinking straight with saying, barring no injuries or big news, that lockett is my clean cut keeper for this upcoming league year? Biggest fear with chubb is a RB by committee and my league doesn’t do bonus points on long plays.

I would say Chubb in the 9th is the best option here…you are already getting an incredible value on both players but you are getting a locked RB1/2 vs. a Wr2/3.

which side do you like: Chubb(9th)/ Stills (16th) or Lockett(16th)/Mccoy(9th)

Dont let round keeper value overshadow the skills and oppurtunity of a player…Chubb has a much higher chance of making a larger impact for you then lockett does.

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