Early sleepers?

Who’s your favorite early sleeper?

My early sleepers off the top of my head.

  • QB - Andy Dalton.
  • RB - Derrick Henry (though he’s not that late)
  • WR - John Brown
  • TE - Eric Ebron
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Pierre garcon and mike Wallace are probably my favorites. Also loving Phillip rivers this year he goes soooooo late


Love love love Rivers…have to agree there!

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It seems like Eric Ebron is a sleeper every year!

Literally those were three of the guys that came to my mind when making that post. Great minds think alike.

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Give me shares in the 49ers. The hate on Hyde in the wake of the 9ers offseason moves has gone too far. I think Garçon will be serviceable and I’m sure I’ll be streaming Hoyer (when he’s not playing NFC west opponents).

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How do you guys feel about Jordan Matthews? He’s going relatively late


He’s a tough one to peg this year. He’s going from what felt like the only guy in town to playing 3rd fiddle. If he keeps dropping, he could be a value but out of the slot, I don’t expect that he has much, if any, upside.


LaQuan Treadwell is free in drafts - even if he can perform like a wr3, that’s a steal!


Very true… I just recently acquired him in dynasty an essentially a throw in so I’m just hoping to strike gold. Lol

Yeah, I’ll admit I still have a hard time buying for free. Why in the world would they sign Michael Floyd, a Treadwell-type clone if they planned on actually using him? But you’re probably right that we have given up on a talented WR too quickly.

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I think D. Thomas is going to have a nice year. He’s already heavily discounted from the post-manning year and with the right quarterback play seems to be an elite option. Hopefully Trevor Siemian is the starting qb and is able to improve over last year’s performance.


Really like Enunwa and Perriman… deep sleeper - Paul Richardson… high draft capital and super talented, but forgotten because of injuries. Seahawks O could EXPLODE this year if everyone stays healthy!


I can’t quit Perriman either. Everything is just falling in place for him and it seems like he’s finally healthy


I love the value you get on dt. He’s so consistent, and his upside is still there. qb play has to improve from last year, right?!

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Very little being said about Randall Cobb - could have one of those seasons where he easily out paces his draft stock.


Agree that the Floyd signing is interesting and a downgrade on Treadwell. But the price is right for a early season flyer.

I really like Torrey smith this year I think his situation is very good him not being a number one.

Being a number one did not work out. That is for certain.