Early TE Keeper

Keeper league and I’m keeping Gronk. Should I target a TE early and just look for trades? For example K. Rudolph, Z. Ertz, T. Kelce, or even G. Olson? Gracias.

One keeper league?why would you target another tight end with a prime pick? I guess if you want a solid backup if you’re worried about injury Burton in the 10th or rudolph in the 9th would be okay but no way should you pay up the capital it would cost to get yourself kelce ertz engram or Olson you have the best tight end by a wide margin who’s currently on an incentive heavy based contract. I’d just roll with gronk and not take another te at all you’re already investing your keeper in a tight end arguably the least important position in ffb I don’t think you should spend even more capital on it unless this is a 2 te start league

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No. Never draft to trade.


Sorry I didn’t even realize you mentioned it was to trade. I Def wouldn’t do it then. Don’t draft to trade you have the best tight end stream a guy at gronks bye week and ride him to a ship

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