Early trade help

So I come to you guys for some help. I was just offered this trade. I honestly think the guy is asking for too much

where are those picks in the first? If they are early - or even in the middle - i would strongly consider that. Also is it super-flex? and what picks would you be left with?

Penny’s value is suspect with the latest news circling that he will start the year on PUP, to top it if early news on Carson is he will be back as top hawk. No idea on the value of those 1’s, but if any are a top 3, then it should be an auto reject as the top 3 RBs coming out this year have more upside than Penny att.

Those are the 1.10 and 1.12 no super flex

Most of my remaining picks are in the 3rd and 4th round

yeah i think i misunderstood that as you getting the two firsts. That would for sure be a no from me, Penny is not worth that price

The only way i would consider that trade is if I have Carson. There could still be some options at 10 or 12 like Vaughn, Akers, or maybe Dillard.

Yea thanks for the advice You guys helped me over the line on declining

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for me it is not even close. i’d take the 2020 1sts and be thrilled.