Early Trade Moves : Yay or Nay?

A.Collins or Burkhead, or karyon for Trey Burton ?

I would take all of those players over Burton.

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In a vacuum it Depends who your TE is but as a hardcore Trey Burton truther, all of those guys are going before him in drafts so, doing this trade preseason, you’re essentially just trading down in the draft for a position that doesn’t have much deviation in points aside from the top 3 at the position.

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I agree . I have Njoku but not completely sold would rather have Burton and fortunately my bench is full of those guys

Stick with njoku and that stable of RBs. One of them will blow up this season and get you something of much better value than Burton


I do like Trey Burton better but don’t know if I like him enough to trade any of those guys! Any one of those guys could be great this year ! Njoku included !

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