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Easy Trade Right?


Some one offered Terrelle Pryor for Pierre Garcon. I should take Terrelle Pryor and run right?? Any Help would be great.


Yah, seems like they might just be panicking after week 1 results. Is this standard or PPR?


I think they are panicking. Pryor got a good target share and has an arguably better QB.


Standard but I also have Cousin’s as my QB.


I have the Cousins/Pryor stack in my standard league so I see your hesitation. I’m more concerned with Cousins than Pryor, thought about ditching Cousins.


Yah so the only hesitation for not doing this was that in PPR Garcon is pretty valuable, he sees so many targets. THis being standard I’d do it in a heartbeat. The washington offense will figure it out.


I am worried about Cousins but not in Panick mode yet. Just watching out. I went and did the trade. Thanks for all the help guys.