Ebron dilemma

I drafted Trey Booboo. During his bye week I picked up Ebron to cover and I have been riding Ebron the last couple weeks. With Trey’s targets increasing last week and Jack Doyle possibly returning this week do you think Ebron is done? I wouldn’t cut him unless I can’t get a trade worked out with him. 1/2 pt ppr

i think booboo is a better play this week but ebron isn’t droppable. try to sell him high now before doyle is back.

Totally agree with post above. I have both players, drafted both, I have been using Ebron since I believe week 3? I am playing both this week because of byes/injuries. Burton is for sure the better play. Good matchup, Robinson most likely out, Jets decent against the run too. Burton is the safer bet this week.

If you do go with Ebron I can’t blame you, he has been fantastic this season so far. Perhaps they ease Doyle back this week and Ebron can eek out one more good one before splitting again. Its a risk for sure though. See if you can trade him if you don’t want him anymore. See who has Luck or is bad a TE.

I have Ebron and Burton as well…I have Ebron in my lineup right now but think I want to switch Burton in, only caveat to this is I’m streaming Luck this week soooooo my head is like spaghetti right now lol

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I have Luck as well as Ebron and Burton. I can’t believe how many people have both TE’s. Its a good problem to have as opposed to a bad one atleast, haha.

Yea I’ve tried to shop Ebron and over the last two years I’ve unfortunately only had 1 team owner willing to do any trade and we’ve been the only two that actually trade. Everyone else does not get it. He has Ertz and Howard so I haven’t been able to get him or anyone else to bite. On top of that we have two new guys in the league that aren’t playing so it’s making it even tougher. It’s a work league so I’m kinda stuck with the other team owners. I don’t like rostering 2 TEs but I’ve done it the last couple weeks. I guess I’ll continue until I can trade or I get tired of it and just drop one of them.