Ebron. For Real or Not?

What are you guys thoughts on Ebron? The Ballers seem to not trust him once Hilton/Baby Hands get back but I don’t understand that one. He was still the #5 TE in PPR before this week and with so many injuries to the position I don’t see how he gets downgraded so much by Doyle? The guy is by far the teams best RZ option and they will be throwing a lot all season long.

Is it just because they view him as TD or Bust guy? Thoughts?

The TE position in an Andrew Luck led offense is always incredibly valuable.

If you were to tell me that Doyle was gone for ROS, i’d lock and load Ebron as a TE1. He’s too gifted and Andrew luck is too good for him not to be. As we’ve seen to this point. Even with his inexplicable drops.

Problem is, Doyle will be back eventually. And when Doyle is playing, he outsnaps ebron by a wide margin and Ebron becomes more of a TD or bust guy. But given the TE landscape, that’s what all TEs are and at least EBron is getting plenty of opportunity. He is seeing like 1-2 red zone targets a game so far. If you can sell Ebron at the heightened value of last game, I would, but if not, he’s a fine hold and play.

So you think Doyle is worth hanging onto? I’ve got him, but have started to be a little concerned that maybe Ebron has proven himself, and that it’s gonna be a pretty even split between the two IF Doyle ever comes back. LOL…I’m just being a little snide in that last comment, but…kinda feels like he’s been out forever, even though it’s only been about 3 weeks.

Anyway…been seriously thinking about dropping him for oh…I don’t know…maybe somebody like Brate?

I could be wrong but if i had to pick between the 2, probably would prefer Doyle in ppr formats cause he has a safer floor. I do think Ebron is more talented but he can never get out of his own way and Doyle will be more of the target hog, or at least should be.

I definitely don’t see a need to carry 2 TEs. With Howard out, Brate is definitely a pretty solid play. Winston loves him. But when Howard comes back, I’ll take Howard over Brate. He’s just better in every aspect of the game.

I picked up Jared Cook when Doyle went out, and as I mentioned, just been biding my time until he got back. Cook’s got his bye coming up week 7, so in the essence of planning ahead, I’m kinda checking out the options for after this coming week. And as you said, Winston does love him some Cameron Brate. :grin:

Jared Cook is a scrub. People fall for this crap every year. he blows up 2 games, then disappears. Just as he has done for his entire career. I’d be fine with you going ahead and dropping cooks for either ebron/doyle/brate right now.

Rule of thumb in fantasy, never trust Cook.

LOL…so true. BUT…that 31 pts he got me last week sure was a heap o’ help!!!

But…yeah…seriously thinking now will prob just go ahead and see if I can’t get my hands on Brate this week before somebody else does. Cook has SEA next week, and even tho they’ve been pretty much crap, they still usually manage to hold their own against TE’s.

Thanks buddy!!!