Ebron Options?

Half PPR dynasty team, should I try and upgrade Eric Ebron? With Jack Doyle there and Andrew luck gone I’m concerned about having him as my top tight end (other I have are Dallas Goedert). Was thinking of trying to send Derrick Henry and Eric Ebron for Miles Sanders and George Kittle. Is this too much, not enough, or should I sit on what I have?

That’s not enough for Sanders and Kittle. You can send it just to see, but I doubt they’ll take it. I’m in the same boat as you. I have Ebron, but I also have Delanie Walker, Mark Andrews, and Geoff Swaim on my bench. I’m also in dynasty.

This is his lineup, so I was hoping the potential upgrade at RB might sway him.

If Darren Waller is on waivers, and you have someone on your team that you could spare to drop, I’d pick him up. If he lives up to the hype and takes over the “Jared Cook” role from last season, you’d be set and could trade Ebron for something else (although he could remain relevant as well without Luck).

Otherwise, you might have to offer Henry + Ebron for Kittle. You’re not going to get Sanders as well for that combo.