Ebron or tonyan?

This week. Tonyan or Ebron? Ballers have ebron ranked higher but tonyan will be in a high scoring game. Do you think tonyan out scored Ebron this week?

Not to be a homer here, but I think Tonyan would also be the better route. Lots of projections are saying that Rodgers will be throwing a lot and with TBs run defense that’ll probably be true. IF, and this is a big if imo, if Davante can’t get open then I could see Rodgers targeting Tonyan a bit more, especially with how reliable he has been over the past few weeks.

I would go Tonyan.

Tonyan has established a redzone connection with Rodgers with Davante out. Even though I don’t expect that to continue the ceiling for Tonyan is significantly higher. Both can score 2 pts and only Tonyan can score 30