Ecker vs Lindsey

Looking for rest of season here. HPPR.

Lindsey for sure unless Gordon gets hurt

Would you trade Lindsey for Tyrell Williams and M goodwin

Who else do you have?

I am trading for ethier for ecker or lindsey.
I am hurting in the rb position.
My rb. Bell, collins, sproles, mack, foreman
My wr. Fuller Landry, boyd, funchess, fitz edleman

Yeah I would do that trade for lindsey

You don’t need WRs

Help me out, would you do mark Ingram for James Conner?

No if you are trading connor no
If you are trading ingram do it. Honestly we don’t know how Ingram will be used once he’s back. And connor will be an rb 1 ros. Bell might be traded. Which gives connor more hope.

I would be getting Conner

I would do it.