Eckler for Swift & Deebo

Hey folks, this is a 10 team PPR SuperFlex 4 keeper league. We can keep 4 for up to 3 years. Right now I’m keeping KMurray, JMixon, Eckler & 1 of BCooks, Mooney or EMoore. I was offered Swift, Deebo & 3.4 for Eckler & 2.9. So I go from Eckler to Swift and 1 of the 3 wrs to Deebo and lose those 6 draft spots. Seems good but Swift & Debo’s injury chances scare me and you have to factor in the guy I’m not keeping as part of the trade. Any thoughts?


I think you should pull the trigger. Debo and Swift have more upside. In a 10 team league, you need the Upside.
12 team, deep roster, you need consistency

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I think it improves your overall keeper situation. I’d rather have Swift and Deebo over Ekeler and one of the others. Nothing against the others as I’d happily draft them but i feel this helps you overall.

Pull the trigger and don’t look back.