Eckler in 8th or Kittle in 5th?

10 team 1/2 ppr and I’m drafting at the 7th spot. Who would you keep Eckler in the 8th or Kittle in the 5th?

Ekeler seems like the better value based on ADP

I’ll take Kittle in the 5th. Having an elite TE taken care of in the 5th frees you up to take two solid RBs in the 1st-2nd and then two solid WRs in the 3rd-4th. At the 7th pick, you could take Edwards-Helaire, Jacobs, or Davante Adams. In the second round, you have your shot on Julio, Tyreek, Drake, Miles, or Ekeler. The value of Kittle at the 5th is phenomenal. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the advice. With picking 7th you think I would have to pick kittle with my 2nd rd pick to get Kittle?

I believe so. I haven’t seen Kittle hit the 3rd round in any mock thus far.

Take Kittle, Ekeler is nice in the 8th but he’s risky, Kittle has a clear path to crazy TE value