Eckler or Williams

I have Gibson, Aaron jones, and javonte Williams in a full ppr. I got offered Eckler, 3rd round, and fourth round pick for Williams and my first round pick. Would you rather have Eckler or Javonte moving forward? This league is leading up to becoming a dynasty league so I’m leaning Williams but I wanna know your thoughts. Thanks!

I would want Javonte over Eckler, let alone send a first rounder on top. Eckler had a great season and will be productive for another year or two. However, Javonte proved he could be productive in a time share, and has the makings of a lead back. It seems likely that DEN won’t resign Gordon and will give all of the volume in that backfield over to Javonte. Taking age into account, Javonte is also four years younger than Eckler and will be productive for several years.

Hope this helps!

I feel like this isn’t even close in dynasty. Williams 100%