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Edelman and Ware, drafting tomorrow


I need some help FootClan. I’m drafting tomorrow! 14 team PPR. Where should I take guys like Kareem Hunt, Hogan, Cooks etc now with the Edelman and Ware injuries?


I don’t believe cooks really moves much… Maybe up a spot or two… Looks like TY and Baldwin are ahead of him… I could see moving him ahead of those two and put him right behind Cooper

Hunt you move up to exactly where WARE was… If it’s a keeper league I might move him above wood head and hyde.

No comment on hogan… Don’t have enough info to make informed decision…

Most likely plp will over react to this news and reach for these two players now and you will get good value somewhere else


The Ballers have already updated their rankings. Andy has Hunt at rb12 which seems way too high. Mike is lowest at rb17 but that seems high too. I’m thinking rb20ish? Guaranteed someone over reacts and drafts him too early. What a shame.


Especially because we don’t yet know the extent of Ware’s injury. Looks like he avoided an acl tear. So who knows how long Ware is out, and then it’s always possible that Hunt and West split the load. Lot of question marks for a third round pick, which is where rb12-17 would probably put him.


Hunt goes up, but not a ton. Ware isn’t hurt nearly as bad. I basically leave cook where he is, and move Hogan to Edelman spot. Basically the same player.


Cooks really just becomes less if a reach at his current ADO. Hogan becomes a very interesting late round sleeper (that I suspect will end up on basically all if my teams). Hunt may move up a bit, but I wouldn’t feel great about taking him significantly higher than his current ADP until I knew more about Ware. May pay off, but it also might really hurt.