Edelman for T. Hill

10 man keeper/dynasty league
1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex

I am a contender (1st place 2 years ago, and 3rd last year after a tough loss in the playoffs). I don’t need to make this trade; but, its an interesting offer:
His Edelman for my T. Hill

Rest of my 10 keepers:
Melvin Gordon
D. Williams
J. Connor

M. Thomas
M. Evans
K. Allen
T. Hill
C. Kupp

I also have the 3rd pick in the draft and plan to try and move back

You definitely don’t need Edelman. I’d be more interested in stashing Hill until you see what becomes of him. If he plays he’s a top 5 WR. Edelman may never play with the WRs you have.


I would make that trade as a contender. Edelman in a full PPR will be beastly this year. Great fill in for your bye weeks and depth in case of injury. Never know what will happen and trying to buy him after you lose a player to injury will cost more.

Could potentially try and squeeze out like a 2nd rounder in addition though.

Based on your team, Don’t get rid of a guy who will win you a week all on his own for a guy who won’t lose your week all on his own and who will retire soon. You’re team is fire, you are certainly a contender, keep being that! Try and get some picks for Damian Williams before he loses his job to James Williams, imo.

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Considering your a contender now, I would definitely make this trade…your young as well so stashing tyreek doesnt gain you anythign when you can make a push for another ship…I think Edelman for tyreek is great pay for a guy that may never play again (yes thats lower chance…but odds that he doesnt play in 2019 are pretty solid). Plus you have the third so take a high upside guy like nkeal harry, dj metcalf, etc.