Edelman-Hilton-Brown-Chark. Who do I bench?

Edelman and TY Hilton seem like must-starts to me. That leaves me with John Brown and D.J. Chark for my flex. They are pretty close in ranking, on the podcast this week both were characterized as very start-worthy. Is this just a coin flip? I’m worried about Monday morning regrets!

Full PPR.

I think this is like you said, a coin flip. Both are going against bad passing Ds, so I dont think you’ll have any regrets besides maybe five points difference between their numbers. Chark probably higher chance of TDs, but Brown higher targets and yards probably. Still cant go wrong with either considering your other starts.

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I’m hot on Chark. I’m also not an expert. Also must be noted Edelman is dealing with a chest issue so if that scares you at all that might be worth taking into consideration.

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