Edelman or D.J Moore

PPR League
Edelman vs MIN
DJ Moore vs TB

Man this tough… DJ for ceiling. Edleman for floor.

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Didn’t DJ Moore get 15 catches last week? Am I making that up?
I say DJ Moore all day.

Definitely Edelman for floor, Moore for ceiling. Theres a thread a little bit down that’s this exact question if you want more insight.

i would play moore if funchess doesn’t play. moore had 8 catches last week, 15 over the past 2

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Edelman has an entire career of getting lots and lots of catches. Moore has 2 games.

moore has a higher ceiling but Edelman has a higher floor

If Gronk out (he didn’t practice today) edleman gets further bump up. If you think you gonna lose and need bigger points go Moore, if its gonna be close and you need safer play 100% edleman.

Whoa…I didn’t hear this Gronk report. Is this a maintenance thing?
Jeez- having Gronk this year has been a pain.

No Gronk, then yes- Edelman for sure but I would go Moore.

I think it was ytday he didn’t practice today he on injury report with back and something.

I hate you, Gronk…you monster TE with the finesse of a ballerina and the might of Hulk with the aging Mr. Glass condition.