Edelman Trade?

Here’s the deal, I’m 4-7 and need a W this week. I have Edelman, J. Gordon, & Tate as my starting WRs (traded Diggs away a few weeks ago for a win). I have been offered A. Jeffrey & Breida for Edelman. Would you rather have the Edelman side or Jeffrey/Breida side?

My backs are Zeke and Lindsay (with K. Johnson & J. Howard on the bench).

I like the idea of not having to start both Edelman and Gordon, but i don’t really want to then have Alshon and Tate. If you have to start 3 receivers i would be more focused on upgrading on Tate than I would be on upgrading your rb depth which is what this trade does.

Didn’t go through with that. Me and the same guy were going to do Zeke, Edelman, and Lindsay for McCaffrey, K. Allen, and Breida. We didn’t accept it in time of the trade deadline, though.