Edelman trade

Im tryin to get a top WR, and I sent this trade to the bell owner
Id give: conner, lockett and dion lewis or amari cooper
Id get: aj green or edelman

It looks like a better trade for him, I’m not sure what happened here lol, he should be trying to sell conner.

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My bad, i didnt explain it right. Im trying to acquire AJ or Edelman from him. I have conner, but i dont want to wait and see if hes gonna lose his job or not, and thought i shpuld try selling it to the bell owner

sadly we have seen this before with a player playing in bells absence they usually ride the bench once he’s back. You may have to target a team that is in desperate need of a win these next too weeks to make him worth it for a trade

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edelman should work but I feel like you might be giving up too many pieces for him

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This is a pretty bad offer. If it were me, I probably wouldn’t have responded either.

You’re trying to package a 2 week rental, a weekly flex player, and another who is not even startable most weeks for a stud top 8 WR with one of the best 5 weeks schedules coming up.

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Thats what ive been thinking lol
But i wanted him to counter offer something, thats why i low balled

maybe for edelman it would make more sense, but green is just too good/important to be traded by 3 “normal” players