Edelman VS Landry

Which one of these do you guys prefer rest of season in a 10 man PPR?

I think I like Landry better. He’s got a juicy schedule coming up. I’m actually trying to trade for one of these guys right now. Offering lynch and a peice for one of them. What you think?

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Thats crazy because that is the same thing I am doing!

Lynch I think is too good to just give straight up for one of these guys so I am trying to make some packages but it is hard when some guys do not understand the true value of a starting RB.

He offered me Edelman and Kittle for Lynch and Mike Williams.

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Yeah I have mike Williams too. Trying to package him.

I also have Clemente and wondering what kind of wr2 I can get for hom

That might be tough considering he is a little unproven right now.

I am thinking about spending high on Clement because he is on waivers in my league.

Give me the Juice by quite a bit.


I tend to agree with you but would like to hear your thoughts on why?

Landry is being used downfield. He is younger and more explosive and has less people to compete with. I’m not sure there is anything I prefer about Edelman over Landry other than coaching/quarterback. But I think Landry is the better player, higher volume, and more air yards.

  1. He will be the top target hog on his own team and is the best receiver on that offense by a wide margin so they will be targeting him out of necessity. In fact, he’s just the best player on offense period.

  2. His ADOT is superior to Edelmans. Landry is no longer the landry of old in miami where he was averaging like 6 air yards per attempt. In this new offense, I think he’s closer to 11 last time I checked. Landry is filling that pseudo AB role in this browns offense.

  3. Browns will be top of the league in pass attempts. That’s just the nature of Haley’s offense. It’s very pass heavy. ANd I believe in Baker and his ability to execute. He just put up 350 yards on one of the leagues best defenses.

  4. I love Edelman, but the dudes 32 years old. Landry is in his absolute prime.

  5. The matchups coming up favor Landry more heavily than edelman. I think Browns/Bengals have the 2 best passing schedules for like the next 5-6 weeks.


Very good points. That is enough to convince me. Now another question is would you give up Lynch for Landry and Kittle?

My other RB’s are

D. Cook

WRs are

C. Davis
M. Williams
D. Jax

Reed is my current TE1

In a Vacuum yes cause I think both are studs and Landry side wins the trade.

But given your roster, it’s a risky proposition because you have no depth at RB right now if you trade lynch.

Having said that, if your league is at all active in trading, you could still take the deal and make deals to trade back into some RB depth via someone like Aaron Jones/Michel etc. You’re the best judge of that though so I leave it to you.

Well Clement is on waivers so I was planning on throwing a pretty penny at him. Looks like he is going to be the starter rest of season.

He wasn’t claimed already? I guess that helps. I’m just a bit hesitant to blow everything on clement cause Peterson is pretty adamant about RBBC and it’s very unclear to me who between smallwood and clement would be the most valuable piece to own. I lean clement but it’s not by much.

I think he would be fine for depth.

My worry more so Howard. I am almost tempted to try and sell him instead of Lynch and try to get alittle more than what he offered. I really do not like howard’s situation. Not saying he will not have good games but I do not believe he is as talented as Lynch and Nagy never likes to use bell cows. Plus Cohen is there.

Maybe Gronk and Landry for Howard and M. Williams?

2 words. Kareem hunt. I’m slightly worried about howard too, not sure what’s going on there but last game was just such a weird game to draw any conclusions from. I want to give him a couple more chances, especially once the weather gets cold and they lean on him more with that great defense.

This is a really really bad low ball. Landry > howard so you’re asking to get Gronk for free. Highly doubt anyone who has half a brain would consider this trade.

Landry over Howard? I’m not sure about that. Pretty even if you ask me and almost may give it to Howard for him a starting rb.

Even if you want to give edge to Howard, it’s not by much. And you’re asking for Gronk for Mike Williams which would be a joke.

Yeah that is a joke. Was just referring to the Howard>Landry

I’m trying to target Landry for trade

I really need a solid Wr

My trade candidates are
Marshawn lynch, jordan Howard, Clemente, mike Williams, Keelan Cole, coutee.

What would you offer for him ? @MikeMeUpp

If you remember @MikeMeUpp hunt had games he barely touched the football. I won a championship last year with him on my team. Besides hunt has way more talent than Howard. Atleast as a pass catcher. He spreads the ball round so much.

The trade at this points right now is I give up Howard and Williams for Landry and Kittle.