EDIT: Drop Marlon Mack or R Kelley for Drake OR Sterling Shep?

Drake is a free agent, 8 team standard, just nervous about that Miami O-line… other RBs are Bell, Hyde, & McCaffrey, and of course Mack and Kelley.

Input is appreciated!!!

If I had to choose in this situation I would drop Kelley over Mack. The future upside of Mack is extremely appealing and I think you’re fairly set a running back already.

I would keep Mack and Fat Rob. Mack has flashed and I’m predicting that Chris Thompson will get injured soon with all the usage he’s getting.

I’m not totally buying into Ajayi being the reason Miami couldn’t run the ball so I’m staying away from their backfield in redraft.

However I am bullish on Drake in FanDuel since he is cheap as heck so I’m hoping he falls into the endzone against the Raiders!

Don’t think I’ll make the move for Drake, but Shepard is available (owner is a Josh Gordon obsesser and had to have him, could only drop Shep).

8 team standard, I have Cooks (on bye this week), M Thomas, Amari Cooper, and Fitz at WR currently

I’m not high on Shepard since I think he’s Jarvis Landry-Lite where he’s most effective catching short stuff and not doing much after the catch.

I like Mack, Kelley and all your WR’s more than Shep.

Side note I heard Evan Silva say that if Blaine Gabbert plays for the cards then Fitz should get an uptick since he loves to target the slot receiver throughout his career. From Shorts in Jax to Kerley in SF he looked to the slot all the time. Too bad he’s stuck behind Stanton.