Edmonds/B Cooks for C Kupp

Does this sound like a solid trade?
I give C Edmonds and B Cooks
I receive C Kupp.

Other guys on my team
QB: L Jackson, J Allen
RB: CMC, D Cook, D Montgomery, A Mattison
WR: M Evans, T McLaurin, K Stills, C Kirk
TE: E Engram, H Henry
DST: Steelers

I figured it was a solid trade to get a WR1 for a WR2 or WR3 with cooks and a RB who will have NO, SF twice, and TB in the next 4 weeks, brutal line up. Then with a bye week 12, D Johnson will probably be back by then and taking the snaps.

What about using one of your TEs as trade bait instead? I like getting Kupp for sure and think I’d do it anyways.

I would do the trade, but I don’t see the Kupp owner going for it if they don’t desperately need a RB.

The trade went through!! The Kupp owner is very needy at RB and is 2 - 5 on the season, it’s either win now or not at all for him.