Edmonds for Howard? Full PPR

I have Edmonds. He has DJ and Howard. Straight up trade Edmonds for Howard? End of season for Howard seems juicy

I am a no go. You have leverage because DJ is hurt. You should be able to get something more than Howard. If not roll with Edmonds, he is a RB1/2 as long as DJ is out.

I don’t hate the trade, but for some reason I feel like there is a little bit more to DJ injury than the Cardinals are sharing. I could be wrong, but that is just my thought.

If that is the case, and he ends up missing a lot of time or going on IR then Edmonds is far more valuable than Howard.

Now, with that being said, if you need a safe/solid play each week and can’t risk DJ coming back and Edmonds being nothing then I say go for it. Personally I feel if you are giving a team their #1 RB (assuming) handcuff when said #1 RB is already hurt, you should get a little more back. But Howard isn’t a bad return by any means.

I’ve got Freeman, Fournette, and Coleman for RB. Would asking for Hockenson and Howard be reasonable? I have Graham and Herndon for TE currently

Hockenson isn’t an upgrade over either of those guys.

Thought of asking Ertz for Edmonds then? Maybe throw in Graham to get it thru?

That’s not bad but I think Edmonds is good to have. Dj is a liability that is getting outshined.

What does his team look like? Who else does he have. Ertz isn’t bad, but like I said you have all the leverage because you don’t need Edmonds and he does, so I would have a high asking price.

His lineup
R. Wilson
D. Johnson
A. Jones
J. Jones
C. Godwin
Z. Ertz
P. Lindsay
Bench is
T. Boyd, T. Cohen, L. Fitzgerald, T. Hockenson, D. Chark, J. Howard, and M. Gallup

I’d see if he would do Ertz/Gallup or something of that sort. I kind of doubt it, but if he really wants Edmonds he might go for it. Or tell him you are interested in Ertz, but you would want another piece and see who else he would package with him. I wouldn’t do straight up though.

I like the Gallup idea to stack with Dak.
My line is
D. Prescott
D. Freeman
L. Fournette
T. Hill
T. Lockett
J. Graham
C. Edmonds
And my bench has
M. Stafford, D. Adams, T. Coleman, J. Crowder, G. Tate, C. Herndon