Edwards or Michel? PPR


S. Michel v MIN
G. Edwards @ ATL (missed practice today, ankle)

And while you’re here if you can:
D. Moore @ TB
T. Hilton @ JAX
G. Olsen @ TB
Whoever your don’t start between Michel and Gus
J. Reynolds @ DET


Edwards, better matchup. Hilton, Luck has been great and Jacksonville is falling apart.

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Bumping for more feedback since I posted originally late last night

I have both in my (1) ppr league and I am playing Gus Bus.

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Michel. Better RB and I think they’ll be fine against Min tbh. Sample size is too small for Gus to start him over Michel for me.

Would go Michel & TY. Jax looks so gross and think Luck is going to have great field position for much of the game.

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Michel at home at gilette for me. I understand the whole matchup argument but typicaly for me, that only comes into play when players are of a similar caliber / tier. This is not one of those instances. Do think Michel will have decent amount of scoring opps in this game.

Probably playing hilton. I think Ramsey is hurt so may not even suit up. If he doesn’t then Hilton is a pretty high ceiling play.

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Awesome thanks all!!! Much appreciated !!